Ahmad, a 14-year-old Syrian refugee child, bright and resilient young boy, embarked on a life-changing journey when he enrolled in the Schools for Syria program as a refugee student. He was born and raised during the Syrian war, and he hasn’t been to any previous educational institution. However, his determination and the support he received from the Schools for


Syria initiative helped him overcome numerous challenges and achieve remarkable success.

When Ahmad first joined the program, he faced language barriers, trauma from the conflict, and a huge gap in his education due to not having been enrolled in educational programs before. Nevertheless, his teachers recognized his potential and were committed to providing him with the necessary resources and support to thrive academically and emotionally.

Ahmad’s journey began with learning the basics of Arabic, maths, and English, which were the core subjects taught in the Schools for Syria curriculum. His dedicated Arabic, maths, and English teachers designed engaging and interactive lessons tailored to his needs, combining educational content with activities that fostered his creativity and critical thinking skills. Through this student-centered approach, Ahmad quickly developed a passion for learning.

The Schools for Syria program also offered support services beyond academics. Understanding the emotional toll of war, the program provided counseling and social-emotional support to help Ahmad navigate his trauma and adjust to his new environment. He was encouraged to express his thoughts and feelings through art, music, and storytelling, allowing him to heal and build resilience.

As Ahmad progressed through the program, his confidence and academic achievements soared. His language skills improved significantly, enabling him to communicate effectively in Arabic, math, and English. He excelled in mathematics, displaying a natural talent for problem-solving and logical reasoning. His dedication to mastering the English language also shone through, as he eagerly participated in language immersion activities and practiced his skills both inside and outside the classroom.

Ahmad’s success extended beyond the academic realm. Recently, our school social worker helped Ahmad find a short-term job for 4 hours per day in a hospital close to the school in the Tyre  to help his family with their living costs; otherwise, Ahmad will need to leave the school and go to work on the streets to earn money, subjecting him to the dangers of violence, abuse, and engaging in the worst forms of child labor, just like before joining our school.

Ahmad’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of education and the resilience of refugee children. Through the Schools for Syria program, he not only received a quality education but also found a supportive community that believed in his potential. With his newfound skills, knowledge, and determination, Ahmad’s future holds the promise of a bright and successful life filled with opportunities to make a difference in the world around him.

With your help and donations, we can assist as many Syrian refugees and vulnerable people as possible, including Ahmad, who still needs educational and psychological care. No matter how modest, every gift is appreciated by a child. Let’s help people who were compelled to flee build a brighter future. please visit https://schoolsforsyria.org/donate for sending a direct gift, thanks in advance.